Skin Care

Why should I apply oils to damp skin?

Maybe you have read it in one or the other product description: Our Shea Cream but also oils should be applied to the moist skin. Is that really important? It really makes a big difference. The Shea Cream contains no water – an advantage, by the way, all our products share. Why we give up and how this affects the application, you will find out here.



Why anhydrous cream

Ingredient # 1 of moisturizers is water. But where water is, it needs preservatives so it does not germinate, and emulsifiers for the texture. So water never comes alone.


Because you do not want to burden your skin with all these additives, you leave such emulsions to the left and instead order our Shea Cream.


The spoils with nourishing shea butter, cold-pressed organic oils, vitamin E and natural neroli scent. For your skin, the recovery is pure. However, she still needs something to process the concentrated care power. Just add this last ingredient daily fresh from the tap: pure tap water.


For oil to penetrate the skin, it needs water

To understand why your skin needs oil and water at the same time, here’s a quick look at our own skin processes: The skin’s surface is covered with a protective film, the hydro-lipid mantle. It consists of the skin’s own fats and water, which penetrates to the outside in the form of sweat. Together with excipients, which in

turn provide your skin completely independently, both forms an emulsion that prevents the skin from losing moisture.


Moisturizers usually try to mimic this protective film. Therefore, most of them are mostly water, which is mixed with oil and emulsifiers to form an emulsion. However, these artificially added emulsifiers bring problems. They ensure that the protective layer disappears quickly, for example when you sweat or wash your hands. Exactly how this works is explained in the article Stress from the Cream Tube: How Emulsifiers Dehydrate Your Skin.


This does not happen to you with Body Oil, Facial Oil and our Shea Cream. It contains no water. But care, if you thought for a moment, there would be a shortcut! You should not fill water directly into the bottle, in order to always have a suitable mixture at hand. Because then the product would have to be conserved. Incidentally, this is reason no. 2, why we do without the addition of water. More on this is the article Why water is not in, but under the care.


2 good reasons to wet the skin before applying

The Shea Cream cares as well as body or face oil on wet skin so perfectly soft. That may sound like more effort at first. But it does not have to be. My tip: Apply the cream immediately after showering or cleansing the face. Simply skip drying and spread the Shea Cream on the still moist skin. This has two benefits:


On moist skin, the Shea Cream absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. However, if we only apply oil to the skin, it can not do anything with it alone. But as soon as water is added, a spontaneous emulsion is formed by the skin’s own emulsifiers connecting the two components. In the form of this emulsion, oils and water are better transported together into the skin. So moistening is a must.


Together with water, the Shea Cream is extremely productive. For the face is already a small drop completely sufficient. That’s because the ingredients are highly concentrated. Thus, even a small amount of cream unfolds abundant care effect. You do not feel oiled and get along with a pot for a long time.


When cleansing the face with oil oils belong to the dry skin

There are also exceptions to the oil-water rule. Whether you apply oil to wet or dry skin depends on the function: for the care oil needs water, not for cleaning.


When you remove make-up with a cleansing oil such as our FIVE make-up remover or cleanse your pores, moisturized skin is out of place. In this case, the oils should not penetrate the skin immediately but remove dirt. Incidentally, you can achieve a particularly great effect with the Oil Cleansing Method.


How does it work? This is what you will find in the article Cleaning the face with oil – The Oil Cleansing Method.