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Unicorn Makeup Tutorial: Lip Art

The unicorn is currently conquering the world, and of course it does not stop at the make-up and beauty world. For a special occasion, I’ve created a unicorn lip art for you that was already loved by you on Instagram. At first, I was not sure what I could use the essence Rainbow Highlighter for, but then he inspired me to make this lip make-up.

For the theme party, the lip art completes the unicorn costume, but even those who do not want to disguise draws attention with this unicorn makeup on their lips. Today I show you in a tutorial how it works and which products I have used.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram has probably already discovered the look when I posted it there some time ago. Since the Unicorn Lip-Art has arrived so well with you, I could not help but to make a tutorial for you. In the video you will see instructions on how to proceed step by step and which products I have used besides the Rainbow Highlighter from essence to bring this unicorn make-up to your lips.

Here you can find the products that I used for the unicorn lip make-up. Of course, you can also use other similar products, such as metallic eyeshadows or, for example, take another lipstick.

essence – prismatic rainbow glow highlighter – be a unicorn *

NYX Soft Matte LipCream – Cannes *

Brush: BHCosmetics from a brush set