Skin Care

Tips For a Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin, a healthy complexion and a fresh, natural look, who does not want that? Here are many little tips and tricks to improve and preserve your look. Because a well-groomed appearance starts with the skin care.

1. Regular cleaning

The morning and evening cleansing not only creams and make-up are removed, but also skin fat and sweat. The pores do not clog and bacteria can not multiply.

2. Cleansing milk instead of water

Water alone is unable to dissolve the greasy mix of sebum, cream and make-up from the skin. This requires lipophilic (fat-dissolving) substances, such as those found in cleansing milk.

The cleansing milk is best rubbed in with fingertips or a sponge and allowed to soak in for a short time and then rinse off with plenty of warm water.

3. Tonic builds up

Facial Toner helps speed up the recovery phase of the acid mantle, which typically takes 20 to 30 minutes to cleanse. In addition, facial lotion removes the limescale deposits of the tap water and cleaning residues that can clog the pores in the long term and thus cause impurities.

4. Cleanse mature skin

For the cleansing of mature skin water-in-oil emulsions are best suited as they preserve the acid mantle of the skin. Equally suitable are cleansing creams, e.g. enriched with valuable vegetable oils such as jojoba, soy or sweet almonds.

5. Soap only on sturdy, oily skin

Since soap belongs to the alkaline cleaning agents and thus attacks the acid mantle, soap should be used only for very robust, rather greasy skin. For all other skin types should be dispensed with regular soap.

6. For sensitive or dry skin lotion without alcohol

In order not to add to the fat and moisture balance of a sensitive or dry skin, should not be used tonic with alcohol, but only non-alcoholic Tonics or thermal water sprays. Redness, inflammation and itching are avoided.

7. Fine-pored, rosy complexion through peeling

Horned scales make the skin look colorless and dull. An appropriate to the skin type peeling removes these skin cells without irritating the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. Tiny synthetic globules or natural granules of crushed apricot kernels, bran or sea sand act like ultrafine sandpaper.

8. Masks – quick beauties

The effect of masks is immediately visible, so masks are also called the fast-paced beauty of cosmetics. Masks with a high moisture content swell the skin cells, making the skin plumper, fresher and smoother, wrinkles are reduced.

For the tired skin, there are special moisturizing masks with herbal extracts such as menthol, mint, camphor, etc. They have a refreshing and cooling effect, redness and puffiness disappear. Moisturizing masks with extracts of chamomile, balm and hops sooth the sensitive, irritated skin.

9. Night creams support regeneration

At night, the rate of cell division is eight times higher than during the day, meaning that the regeneration process is in full swing. On mild morning swelling, it can be seen that the removal of lymph fluid and slags does not work so well at night. Night creams with active ingredient complexes of ginkgo, pro-vitamin E, amino acids from wheat proteins etc. support the regeneration of the skin.

10. Observe the limited shelf life of creams

Printed best before dates apply to unopened jars and tubes. Opened creams should always be well closed and, if possible, used within 3 months, especially if stored at room temperature.

The warmer, the faster the contained oils can become rancid or bacteria form in the crucible. This applies all the more to natural cosmetics. Self-absorbed non-preservative creams should be used immediately or frozen.

12. Tea tree oil against impurities

Tea tree oil (from Australia) in about five percent solution has a strong disinfectant and fights pimples. After at least two to three days, the improvement should be visible.

13. Beware of extreme diets

Extreme fluctuations in body weight also affect the elastic fibers of the skin. Massages, sports and body care can prevent this. Weight fluctuations up to two kilos, however, are harmless.

14. Moisture for oily skin

With a greasy skin there is a sebum overproduction. Care should therefore be taken during care that the skin is very much moisture, but no fat is supplied. Well suited are light hydrogels or an oil-free fluid especially for oily skin.

15. Face massage for better blood circulation

With only four handles, each used for 20 seconds, excellent results can be achieved. A nutrient cream is very well suited to combine the creaming with a soothing massage.

Using both palms, spread across the area from the nose over the cheeks towards the ears.

Spread the forehead with the index, middle and ring fingers from the root of the nose starting from the root of the nose to the hairline.

Draw half circles around the mouth with both middle and ring fingers.

Paint across the bridge of the nose and eyebrows in one go.

16. Moisturizer on damp skin

Moist skin is swollen and more receptive than dry. So it is advisable to apply moisturizers in this state in upward and circular movements.

17. Moisture for dry skin

Moisturizers such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid or synthetically produced urea inject water into the dry skin and create moisture deposits. Since very dry skin is not able to do so by itself, the use of so-called moisturizers is recommended.

18. Avoid red veins

If you do not want to burden sensible skin that is prone to couperose (extended red veins), you should avoid strong drops in temperature. Hazardous areas include sauna, solarium and air-conditioned rooms. The enjoyment of nicotine, alcohol and spicy foods should also be limited.

19. Steam makes the skin receptive

Heat and rising steam open the pores, make the skin more receptive and allow the active ingredients to penetrate better. So it is advisable to couple the face mask with a full bath. Following the same principle, the skin can also be prepared with warm compresses on the care. Simply put a terry towel in hot water, wring well and put on the skin. Repeat the process several times.

Tip: Before applying the mask make a peel, which optimizes the absorption of the active ingredients.

20. Pamper neck area with oil wraps

From the age of 35 years, something should be done regularly for the often neglected neck area, as the skin there particularly quickly relaxed and wrinkled. Oil wraps have proven to be effective: mix three teaspoons of warmed oil (for example almond, avocado, sunflower, wheat germ, olive or velvety root oil) with the same amount of liquid honey and apply a masking brush to the area between the chin and collarbone ,

When finished, the lot is covered with a damp cotton cloth and wrapped in a soft terry cloth. Take off after half an hour.

21. Tired eyes refresh

Pour half a teaspoon of herbs from the pharmacy such as eyebright, lime blossom or fennel with 125 ml of boiling water, draw and allow to cool. Soak two cotton pads with the brew and squeeze on the back of the hand, before letting them rest on your closed eyelids for about 10 minutes. There are also finished eye pads that are already saturated with decongestants.

22. Ice cube massage for good blood circulation

Best to add distilled water with a dash of lemon juice and freeze. For better circulation of the legs, for example, place the ice cubes on a washcloth and massage in a circular motion. The cold shock causes the blood vessels to contract quickly. The lemon has an astringent effect.

23. Cold against swelling

Swallowed, gel-filled teething rings stored in a refrigerator make swollen eyelids fall back to normal size. If necessary, it also does a well-cooled towel.

24. Maintain chapped lips

Wind, sun exposure and lack of care dry out the lip skin. Lip care sticks or creams protect the lip skin and prevent the skin’s moisture from evaporating. Chronically dry lips should be treated with a natural oil based care stick (for example, castor, almond or jojoba oil) or a dollop of honey. Often, colored lipsticks with lanolin have the same effect.

25. Remove blackheads in 2 phases

To avoid unpleasant inflammations when expressing so-called blackheads, it is recommended to remove annoying sebum plugs on the nose, forehead and chin with so-called anti-comedone strips. These strips work on the moistening, sticking and peeling principle. In phase 1, the polymers in the strip combine with the blackheads. When removing the blackhead is removed from the pore. The treated skin is rubbed off in phase 2 with an antibacterial cloth.

26. Do not pluck and tug

In order to make the skin care as gentle as possible and to improve the absorption of the active ingredients, the skin should be treated gently. The skin care preparations on forehead and cheeks easily work in with circular movements. Gently pierce the middle of the eye area with the fingertips of the middle finger. For the neck area, always apply care creams with the entire palm of your hand from top to bottom.

27. Oxygen keeps you young

Those who spend a lot of time in the fresh air pump a lot of oxygen into their lungs: 95% via the respiratory system, 5% through the skin. Oxygenated creams can deliver the drug directly to the cells. The skin looks younger and fresher.

28. Drink a lot

The body consists of over 70 percent water. If there is a lack of moisture, wrinkles quickly develop, so it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters, preferably mineral or unsweetened tea, during the day.

29. Sleep well

When it comes to the skin, it should already be 8 hours of sleep a night. Instead of a cuddly down pillow, a firm, flat pillow should be used. Thus, the cervical spine remains straight while lying and creases have no chance.

30. Milk bath for smooth skin

A milk bath or whey bath relaxes, makes you feel beautiful and soothes dry, sensitive skin. The cause is the milk sugar, which is a great moisture binder and contains lots of vitamins, minerals, lactic acid, fat and protein. All of these ingredients are important for cell regeneration and nutrition.

31. Fruit acids for thick, coarse-pored skin

Through the use of AHA and BHA (alpha and beta hydroxy acids) containing creams, also known as fruit acid creams, the horny layer of the skin becomes thinner and at the same time the cell renewal is accelerated. The result is a finer and smoother skin, the skin is better moisturized. Caution: Avoid sunbathing, as pigmentation disorders may occur.

32. Q 10 against free radicals

Aggressive oxygen molecules drive the skin aging process. With Q10, a coenzyme that is also formed by our body itself, the so-called “free radicals” can be neutralized. Coenzyme Q10 is used in many face creams and in nutritional supplements