Skin Care

The Rosskur – the emergency plan for your stressed skin.

Sensitive and sensitive facial skin often arises only through too much care. The complete absence of care products allows your skin to regenerate. And no, this has nothing to do with horses. But is not this pony super cute? If your skin is completely out of balance and sensitive, dry and / or unclean despite your caring care, then let us work on your skin care.



Too much care makes your skin rotten

Our skin is a highly complex organ. It reacts to impulses from inside and outside and constantly balances out, so that we feel well in our bodies. The balance is often disturbed only by our efforts. Imagine how many ingredients get on your skin every day. A cosmetic product consists of twenty or more ingredients. That adds up nicely over the day. The many substances make her worried:

Superficial skin becomes lazy and responds with a reduction in the skin’s own processes. In addition, the constant creams swell the horny layer, which disturbs the natural barrier function and makes them holes. Now too much skin water evaporates to the outside and the familiar feeling of tension and dryness sets in. What are we doing? Diligently cream, it feels sooo dry. And the game starts all over again.


Our goal is to help your skin regain its independence and not to suppress its own regeneration processes, but to promote them. That’s the only way your skin can look good in the long term. It is important to find the balance between supportive care and self-regeneration.


Balance is what matters

You probably would not have read this far if your skin would not drive you crazy. Now less is more. Your skin needs to recover from your sweet 100-ingredient-per-day care and start taking care of balancing both inside and out.


The horse cure. That’s how it’s done

Try to abstain completely from care products for at least three days. Wash your face with lukewarm water only and make sure you do not spread the toothpaste on the half face.


The beginning will be hard – so not with the toothpaste ? – because your skin must be prepared for the first time that you no longer care. Give her the time and try to endure it, even if the symptoms get worse at the beginning.


Your skin will re-learn to care for itself and you can relax a little bit sooner, need less money for care products and be rewarded with balanced skin.


If you can stand it for more than three days – great, extend as much as you can. (The skin needs several weeks to regenerate). If it does not work, then get in touch slowly and use a minimum amount of a biological vegetable oil in the morning after you’ve washed your face and your skin is still moist. No night care, no serums, waters etc.