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Stick on false eyelashes – That’s right!

You would like to have great, long and totally dense eyelashes? You’ve tried a couple of times with artificial eyelashes, tried to glue yourself in the eyelashes, but you have always failed? Or the eyelashes did not fit to your type at all and looked totally exaggerated? Gluing on false eyelashes is one of the hardest disciplines of make-up 1 × 1 and finding the right model for you is a challenge. But do not worry, with a little practice and my step by step instructions, it will work for you very soon and your WOW eyelashes is nothing in the way! I’ve practiced and tried myself for a long time to find a technique that works really well for me. Today I show you in this post all my tips & tricks on the topic of artificial eyelashes, which I have learned over time and imagine my favorite models on false eyelashes.

Stick on false eyelashes – easy with this tutorial!

It is important in principle that you use a good adhesive and find an eyelash model that fits your eye shape. Personally, I also think it’s important that the eyelashes are not too stiff, so they adapt well to the eye and are flexible. In addition, the feel is much more pleasant, because it really is not a nice feeling, if “the eyelash is not right”. Which models I recommend and which glue is the best, I list you in the following. How I use the products you can watch in my Youtube video at the end of this post in peace. To really learn the eyelash sticking, it definitely makes sense to look at the whole thing step by step in video form and copy it directly.

You can find my favorite models and products for false eyelashes here:

STARTER SET Ardell artificial eyelashes:

KISS Lashes -Iconic:

Ardell No. 120:

Ardell Demi Wispies:

Ardell ACCENT No. 318 – half lashes:

Ardell single eyelashes:


Eyelash Applicator:

I wish you every success in sticking your false eyelashes and hope you have a great WOW eyelashes experience!

If you have any further questions on how I glue my eyelashes, please write me in the comments. I will definitely answer it! ?