Skin Care

Squalane – the alternative to silicones in hair care

Silicones are unbeatable, as far as the visual effect is concerned. You can make your hair look shiny and healthy within a grooming application. This probably explains why they – despite all the criticism – are still among the most widely used ingredients in conditioners and Co.



Silicones – more appearance than being

The beautiful silicone shine is a bit deceptive, because it is now known that silicones do not really bring your hair anything, but simply encase them with a layer. Over time, the coat gets thicker and makes your hair look flat and dull.


Little digression: silicones are also deposited on the scalp. Not so cool, somehow. That’s why, when switching to natural cosmetic shampoos, you first fight with a greasy hair and stubborn hair. The silicone layer is removed only after several times wash. Underneath the actual and often strained hair structure comes to light. Here only patience and the knowledge helps: it can only get better.


Vegetal squalane – the natural alternative

We searched for a substance that consists of a natural resource and can absorb it with silicones. We came across squalane. This precious commodity is obtained for our FIVE facial oil from the press residues of olives and is considered as vegetable silicone substitute.


The source substance is called squalene and occurs naturally in vegetable oils as well as in our skin lipids. In order for us to use squalene, it needs to be preserved by hydration. The cosmetic raw material is called squalane.


It is characterized by the fact that it is completely non-irritating and makes the skin soft and smooth. Especially in puristic facial care squalane is now increasingly used, as in our FIVE facial oils. However, the benefits are not limited to the skin, because the natural oil helps with dry, strawy hair tips and ensures that the hair is silky-smooth and easy to comb without being too greasy. It is the perfect replacement for silicones.


Squalane makes thick, dry and straw hair soft, supple and gives it a silky shine.


The very best? Squalane can be used pure

It is clear to us that we do not want to mix squalane with other ingredients, just to make it look like a complicated product, because one thing is important to us: you should know and understand what is contained in Five’s products, because we think that we owe you.


So we developed the FIVE hair oil. The leave-in oil consists of 99.8 percent of natural olive squalane and 0.2 percent of essential organic neroli oil, which gives it the delicate sweet fresh scent. Et voila, now you even know the recipe.






Our goal is that you gradually clear your mirror cabinet. And we want to make our contribution with the products from Five. In the long term, the highly concentrated leave-in oil can help you to use less or no conditioner. So you do without silicones, which not only complain the hair, but also pollute the environment, since they are difficult to biodegrade.


Application of FIVE hair serum

Wash hair as usual with a natural cosmetic shampoo, (try to omit the conditioner) and tie it to a turban with a towel. Then add three to four drops of FIVE hair oil into the palms of your hands and spread them over the wet hair lengths and tips. Comb hair as usual, blow dry and style.


☝️ Tip: You can also mix the oil for the hair directly with the shampoo in the palm, but then you need about twice the amount, because some of it is washed out. The advantage here is that the care oil can also act on the hairline.



The beauty tip for all minimalists

As the source of squalene is a natural and essential component of our skin lipids, the facial oil can also be used as a purist and light facial care. Especially in the warmer season and as a base for make-up, this application is especially recommended. For this purpose, the skin is moistened with water and then simply applied two drops of FIVE hair oil. The skin becomes smooth and soft and is optimally protected against moisture loss.


For what else you can use this multifunctional cosmetic product, you read the best in the blog article Urlaubsschön with little luggage: Multi-Use Cosmetic products.



Our hair oil with only 2 ingredients offers the ideal alternative to silicone-containing hair oils for particularly voluminous and dry hair. The hair becomes soft and shiny and can be styled better. You only need a minimum amount of the product, usually three to four drops, and a hair oil is enough for 150 applications.