Skin Care

Simple white and negative space nail design

Negative outer space nail design

You can make your nail look glamorous in 4 easy steps with these designs:

Step 1: Start by priming the nails with a clear or bare base coat. Allow to dry completely


Step 2: Cut the ribbon into the desired design and glue it to the part of the nail you do not want to paint. Smooth the tape down with your thumbnail to avoid any bumps and clamp it against your skin so it will not bounce off later.

Step 3: Choose the nail polish of your choice and paint the nails according to your design. With still wet nail polish tweezers, take a pair of tweezers and carefully lift off the pieces of adhesive tape. Clean the edges of wobbly bodies with a thin brush dipped in the polish.

Step 4: When you have finished repeating the process on all your fingers, apply a top coat and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. And here you are done with an amazing nail art.

Here are some of the most beautiful nail art designs inspired by negative space. This will continue on every occasion, be it as a compliment to your office look or your party.