Proper hair washing

Actually, it is the most common thing in the world: washing your hair. But even here you can do a lot wrong. And yes, even ours from the myRapunzel team still makes one or the other mistakes. So that you do not make the same mistakes in the future, we summarized the most important tips for hair washing in today’s blog post:

Daily or too frequent washing




Every day we receive numerous messages from many princesses complaining about their greasy hair. The cause is often quite simple: Too frequent hair washing. This causes the acid mantle of the scalp to be attacked by washing. Your scalp first dries, but then produces more sebum to regenerate. As a result, your hair gets greasy faster. In order for your scalp to settle down between washes, the optimal rhythm is three days.


In addition, you should wash your hair first with lukewarm water, and then again with cold water – it provides radiant shine and fairytale beautiful myRapunzel hair.


Combing hair when wet


First of all, you should never comb your hair directly after washing as your hair is very sensitive when wet. Split ends and hair breakage can be the result. It is better to comb your hair well before washing. After washing you should wait until your hair is at least towel dry before combing it.


Hot blow-dry


Which brings us to the topic: Especially when we have to go fast, unfortunately we often do not have time to let our hair air dry. Although that’s the best for our hair. Namely, hot blow-drying damages your hair structure, causing e.g. Split ends can arise. So, if possible, try to let your hair air-dry, or just make it with lukewarm air.

In addition, you should rub your hair under any circumstances dry with a towel, but rather gently express in the towel.



Incorrect handling of the products


Your shampoo is always empty too fast? Maybe you just use too much of it. It is sufficient if you give your shampoo only in the hairline and gently massaging it in circular motions. When rinsing the shampoo, the lengths and tips are cleaned sufficiently. Since the tips anyway tend to be dry, you should not stress them with additional shampoo.


However, you give the conditioner in the lengths and tips and save the approach, so this is not complained.