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Pretty Nails designs and colors for spring

Although spring is still far away, you still want to make a difference. Getting inspiration for the spring is definitely good for you; especially if you like compliments. The charm of spring appeals to everyone. And why not, it is a pleasant season that gives you the freedom to leave an impressive impression. They do not leave a stone to break a blow. From outfits, shoes to Nails designs and colors.

Points are undoubtedly the darling of the season! Paint all your fingernails with a nude paint and beautify them with pink dots. This nail art will surely enchant your personality.

This nail design is not only cute and yet courageous. Matte nails are trendy and give you the ultimate finish. Paint your nails purple and decorate them with white flowers. They would really love the look !!

The design almost gives the feeling of a galaxy. It’s super easy to copy and the finish is just spectacular. Paint your nails blue and give it a touch of Ombre to take your manicure to the next level.

Impressive!! The design is great. Choose this green color and give your fingernails an evergreen feel. Later design it with blooming spring flowers.

This pretty nail art is perfect for spring. And the idea of ​​the heart on the fingernails will impress everyone.


Undoubtedly, there is nothing better than sunflowers. Decorate your nails with metallic gold and decorate them with sunflowers. It’s a design that presents your ‘girly girl’ beauty.


Nails designs and colors