Our hair growth

Hello girls!


Before I start with my first blog entry, I would like to introduce myself briefly:

My name is Alessandra, I am 20 years old and passionate hair and fairy fairy at myRapunzel. The topic of hair certainly employs many women, and I am not excluded here

However, since it is a rather complex topic, about which many false or incomplete information is circulating, we would like to address a hairy topic here every Friday. Let’s just call it #factsfreitag.




And off we go, we dive into the hair issue:

Many women’s dream is long, healthy hair. This is not an all-modern wish, because even in Ancient Greece, women saw long hair as a symbol of freedom, health and wealth.

On average, our hair grows 0.035 inches per day. That makes a total of one to two inches of new hair in the month. So who wants to breed a really long dream teeth, needs one thing above all:

Patience. Unfortunately, even the hair fairies of myRapunzel can not conjure up 10 centimeters of new hair. But do not hang your head, you can always do something after all ?




Let’s take a look at the factors that determine hair growth:


  1. Our diet

You are what you eat: In terms of our hair, that is definitely true.

Because the body has all the necessary nutrients available, the hair roots are also optimally supplied and they can produce healthy hair at maximum speed. Deficiencies caused by an unbalanced diet can negatively affect hair growth. An example of this is iron deficiency: it can lead to hair loss.


  1. Stimulation of the scalp

The stimulation of the scalp can actually boost hair production, as it improves circulation to the scalp. In addition, the myRapunzel hair oil contains valuable ingredients that stimulate the scalp and thus stimulate hair growth. Another positive effect:

Our hair oil cares for the scalp and prevents dandruff, which can also have a negative effect on hair growth.


  1. Avoid stress

Partly our hair always reflects our mental state. If permanently released stress hormones, hair growth can be inhibited. Being exposed to great stress over a long period of time can result in even thinner and more fragile hair.


  1. Regular hairdresser visits

Even if it sounds contradictory: Regular hairdresser visits help on the way to the whitetail. Why? Split ends are created at the tips of the hair. It is almost impossible to avoid this because our hair is exposed to damaging environmental factors on a daily basis. Once the split has been created, it must be cut off. If you do not do that, the split ends its way along the hair upwards, much like a thread that soaks up water. Anyone who goes to the hairdresser on a regular basis must therefore sacrifice less of his hair.

We recommend a hairdressing visit about every three months.


  1. Rich hair care

Proper hair care and adequate hydration make hair less susceptible to split ends. Natural oils such as the myRapunzel hair oil not only moisturize, but also protect the hair from environmental influences.




Here is another small checklist for all budding Rapunzels

  1. Eat well and healthy.
  2. Take good care of your scalp.
  3. Avoid stress whenever possible.
  4. Go to the hairdresser regularly.
  5. Care for your existing hair.