Our culprit: split ends

We all know our little culprit: the split. It usually occurs when the hair is very sensitive & heavily stressed. The hair tips split and are easily ripped. Mostly this is caused by an overuse of the hair, for example, by the often so beloved straightener or the hair dryer, to dry the Rapunzelmähne quickly.


And often he does not look pretty, the hair looks broken, lackluster and shaggy. And we find that true princesses but frankly super annoying. But does split also mean hair breakage?




Beware of princesses: Spliss affects only the hair tips, the hair splits mostly at the hair ends, which are exposed to a greater strain. Hair break, however, can happen at any point of the hair, often it also happens at the hair strands of the front part (who does not know these broken short hair, which always fall out of the braid and just can not be tamed).


How can we conjure up our hair fairytale beautiful and splissfrei?

Had Rapunzel suffered from split ends and hair breakage, most likely her hair would never have been so adorable long & healthy. So what’s up with the magic formula for real Rapunzel hair?


Products have been proven to strengthen the hair and create a smooth surface that actually reduces the split. Often, however, the splissigen or brittle hair ends are sealed only by certain ingredients. You can not really repair splitted hair. But you can prevent and reduce split ends, by ingredients that protect the hair before the formation of split ends for example with our fairy tale care of myRapunzel to prevent the split … Coconut extract in our myRapunzel care shampoo or Aloe Vera in our conditioner and leave-in conditioner are among the ingredients that can specifically prevent split ends.




Regular haircutting – how often do tips have to be cut?


I have already asked this question so often and most opinions are always diverging.


But pssst … From princess to princess: With already splintered and brittle hair often helps in the first place only one thing – lace cutting.


There are different cutting techniques of the hair. A helpful variant against split ends is the split-cut variant. Here, the hairdresser turns individual strands of hair, the splitted hair split from the healthy hair, so the hairdresser can easily cut off the split ends and conjure the hair splissfrei without the total length must be cut enormously.


In general, it is recommended that every 8 to 10 weeks generally cut tips to directly prevent possible fragmentation of the hair.



Tadaaaa …


Our magic tips & tricks against hair splitting


Do not shower too hot – too hot water will attack the scalp and additionally strain the hair. Dear only pleasantly warm water

When blow-drying & smoothing care should be taken to use heat spray and to care for the hair intensively, as they are extra stressed by smoothing & blow-drying.

Beware of hair ties – they should rather not include a metal bridge, this can often damage the hair.

Gently dry the hair after shampooing – do not rub the hair strongly in the towel, When wet, the hair is usually more sensitive, prefer to express the hair gently in a towel or dry in a turban.

An extra tip for all Sleeping Beauty. A pillowcase made of silk strains your hair while sleeping much less than a pillowcase made of cotton.

Give your hair a lot of care and love, for example, with our new deep-care mask…