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More Followers on INSTAGRAM – The Best Success Tips

You want to get more followers on Instagram and learn all the important tips and little secrets for a successful Instagram channel? You often stumble on great accounts with unbelievably many followers and ask yourself, HOW do they do that? Or you already have a successful Instagram channel and want to perfect it? Then you are exactly right here!

I’ve spent a long time working on the Instagram app and have asked many questions over and over again. I came across successful accounts and wondered how that person did it and what tips she uses to make great pictures and inspire so many followers. Gradually I found out more and more tricks and techniques for success on Instagram and I would like to share them all with you!

More SUCCESS on INSTAGRAM – how it works:

I’ve developed a whole “Instagram series” with posts and videos on all relevant topics and show you how to build up a successful Instagram channel bit by bit. You can either use the playlist completely and implement it to build a channel for you or you can see which individual topics are important to you. I’ll share all of my tips with you and let you know how you’ll be more successful on Instagram, get REAL followers, and create a great harmonious feed with responsive pictures. I’ll also show you how to increase your interaction, meaning more likes and comments, and what’s most important on Instagram.

You can find the entire “More Success on Instagram” series for free as a playlist HERE on my Youtube channel, where I upload videos on all important Instagram topics. The tips are helpful for both beginners and advanced Instagrammer.

In this playlist you will find in the near future u.a. Videos on the following topics:

Edit Instagram images – the best filters and apps for beautiful image editing.

Create a harmonious Instagramfeed – And why it is so important for follower growth.

Tricks and tips for more REAL Followers on Instagram.

Increase the Instagram interaction of your followers

Basics to build a successful Instagram channel

Edit INSTAGRAM PICTURES – What are the Best Filters and Apps?

Today I start the series with the first very important topic for Instagram: EDIT IMAGES. Great pictures are the basis for every successful Instagram channel. But you do not need an expensive camera or expensive editing programs to make beautiful harmonic Instagram images. Often a few tricks and a few good apps on the smartphone are enough to get the most out of your pictures. The most important requirement for all pictures is the lighting conditions in which you take your picture. I prefer daylight and place myself or the objects exactly in front of a large window. If you do not have enough daylight, softboxes or a ring light will help. I link you my equipment a little further down.

Important next to the individual pictures is also the harmonic feed, ie the interaction of your pictures, when a new potential follower lands on your channel. He sees the first six pictures at a glance and scrolls down a bit when things are going well. It’s important to get him excited about these top images at first glance so he can take a closer look at your channel and then subscribe to it. I even know that the pictures inspire me already in small at first sight so that I immediately press FOLLOW, because I am sure that I will see from this person also in the future many inspiring pictures.

All tips for a harmonious feed and why it is so important to reach more followers, you will find in this article.

My photo equipment:

Camera: (or I use my IPhone XS)

Softboxes e.g. :

Ring light:

Finally, I would like to ask you a QUESTION: Do you know more great apps for image editing or a great tip that I have not mentioned yet? Write it in the comments so we can share each other and learn more from each other! ?


Until next time!