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Mascara Tips

Mascara or mascara – the name does not matter, but the right application is crucial for the perfect look. What to do if mascara crumbles or smells unpleasant? Which type of brush do you need for which eyelashes? In our mascara DOs and mascara DONTs we answer these and other questions and tell you what you should definitely pay attention to or better avoid.

Mascara DOs:

Turn the brush in the bottle before applying. The mascara is distributed evenly on the brush – the prerequisite for an optimal result.

Mascara is always applied from the eye to the eyelash end. First up, then down – that provides the perfect swing at first glance.

Currently in vogue are vigorously showered, endlessly long eyelashes. As a result, the eye appears more open and is better perceived.

The vigorous showering of the lower eyelashes makes the eyes look even bigger.

There are several options for the extra super volume. The best is the so-called base, which is applied under the mascara. The mostly white substance envelops every single eyelash and gives them significantly more length and volume even before applying the actual mascara.

Completely black washed eyelashes was yesterday. The hip highlight are colorful accents. The tips of the black-lashed eyelashes are spiced up with a strong color mascara.

It’s quick that something goes wrong. Always have cotton swabs ready to repair small corrections directly. The faster the better.

Brush is not the same brush. The choice is great, but is the strong, the short or the round brush optimal for my eyelashes? The perfect solution can only be found by trying it out. But the rule is: short eyelashes – short bristles, normal eyelashes – strong brush.

Looking beautiful during the day, make-up for the night. That’s the requirement. Remove the mascara in the evening with make-up products for the eyes. These protect the delicate tissue of the eyes, especially with water-resistant mascara. In an emergency, a full-bodied face cream can help. The main thing is, the mascara is completely removed.