Skin Care

Maintain normal skin naturally

Normal skin is easy to clean and good looking – this skin type is to be envied. With natural care, you make your skin even more radiant.


This is how you recognize normal skin

You have …

Fine pores.

Nothing to complain about on your skin.


Normal Skin – Your Natural Care Routine with FIVE in the Morning

CLEANING: Wash face and neck with lukewarm water.


CARE: So far you have done without any care products and have felt comfortable with it? You lucky guy, stick with it!

If not, then wear appropriate care depending on the season. In summer you may even be satisfied with the light and oil-free facial serum, which makes tired skin fit for the day and provides maximum hydration.

If your skin requires a bit more richer care or it gets outside in the fall, a little oily care will protect against dry heating air and cold. Mix the facial serum with the facial oil in the palm of your hand and spread them together on the skin.




Normal Skin – your natural care routine with FIVE in the evening

CLEANING: No make-up? Wash the face with lukewarm water. Otherwise, remove make-up gently with the natural make-up remover.

CARE: Overnight, your skin regenerates. You should not get rid of this mechanism with a rich night cream! A little care you have given her when removing makeup anyway on the way. Care for your skin with the light and oil-free facial serum, so that it can be carefree dedicated to the regeneration.



Normal skin – special care


For the extra care: A mild mask with pink clay mineralises your skin 1 to 2 times a week and gives you a fresh complexion. Wash with water before it dries! Pure clay you get in the pharmacy or health food store.