Skin Care

Maintain dry skin properly

This skin type does not only feel strained in wind and weather, that is everyday life. Due to the lack of moisture, dry skin is usually more sensitive to environmental influences and cosmetics. It needs extra moisture and a strong skin barrier. Since it tends to be sensitive, you should not overwhelm them with too many ingredients.


This is how you recognize dry skin

You have …

Often feelings of tension.

Red, rough or itchy spots.

Fine dryness wrinkles.

☝️Also does your skin react to external influences such as cold, UV rays, stress and cosmetics with spots, tensions, redness or irritation? Then please read on our care recommendation for sensitive skin.


Maintain dry skin properly. But how?

Dry skin primarily does not produce enough lipids (fats). This makes them susceptible to temperature fluctuations or care products. But dry skin also quickly loses moisture, as lipids protect against moisture loss and these are just in short supply. Proper care nourishes the skin with nourishing virgin plant oils, which interact with the skin barrier to correct lipid deficiency. Ideally, it adds moisture to the skin in the form of glycerol or hyaluronic acid combined with a hydrolyzate, but caution is advised: The product should contain no alcohol and no emulsifiers, so that not the opposite effect (dehydration) is achieved.

Dry Skin – your care routine with FIVE in the morning

CLEANING: Wash face and neck with lukewarm water. Drying detergents are absolutely taboo!

CARE: Apply appropriate care depending on the season. Use the moisturizing facial serum in summer and mix it with the nourishing facial oil for dry skin in the palm of your hand. Replace facial oil with the richer Shea Cream in winter, as more protection is needed now.



Dry skin – your care routine with FIVE in the evening

CLEANING: No make-up? Wash the face with lukewarm water. Otherwise, remove make-up gently with the natural make-up remover.

CARE: Overnight, your skin regenerates. You should not get rid of this mechanism with a rich night cream! A little care you have given her when removing makeup anyway on the way. Care for your skin with the light and oil-free facial serum, so that it can be carefree dedicated to the regeneration.



Dry skin – special care

A clay mask once a week gently cleanses and nourishes your skin with minerals. Use white (kaolin) or pink clay. Both are gentle and ideally suited for dry skin. Wash the mask with water before it dries! Pure clay you get in the pharmacy or health food store.


☝️ Taboo on dry skin: Abrasive peels and aggressive cleansing gels, say everything that rubs or foams!