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Large two-tone nail designs for women


If you are looking for a new idea for your nail designs, you might want to try a new nail trend. And this trend is the two-tone nail designs. These nail designs are very easy to make and you will be convinced by the following photo collection of several Two-colored nail designs

With this nail design, you must first select the colors. We recommend selecting some contrasting colors and of course ensuring that these two colors match. Then you have to decide how to do it, whether you are in vertical, horizontal or diagonal position. Or you can do a crescent manicure. The easiest way to do these nail designs is to apply one color to the nail and then paint the rest of the nail with a washi tape paint. Remove the Washi Tape and you have the perfect two-tone nail design. Now take a look at our ideas and decide which ones you want to try first. Enjoy!