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HOW TO: Apply eyeliners correctly: tips and tricks for the perfect eyeline

For ages, you try again and again on a complicated venture, the “Winged Eyeliner” and are never really satisfied? Sometimes it is too straight, sometimes too steep, then wrong or uneven … We all know it, believe me!

Today I’ll show you a few tips and tricks, as I almost always succeed in the eyelid line with the “Wing” even for beginners. Nevertheless, I am again and again not satisfied with the result, so please do not despair if it does not work immediately! The Winged-Eyeliner Lidstrich is really one of the king’s disciplines under the make-up looks and requires exercise in any case. But if you stay tuned and pay attention to a few things, the application will work out very soon! Promised.


Eyeliner Pen (for drawing, then it is easier): essence 2in1 eyeliner pen (about 3 euros)

Gel Eyeliner: MAC BLACKTRACK (about 21 euros), you can of course use a cheaper

Brush: ZOEVA 318 Soft Paint Liner (about 7 Euro)

For thin lines and for mending: BHcosmetics eyeliner brush (very thin, from a brush set)

Pictorial: And this is how it works: Apply eyeliner properly

1. Draw a simple line from the edge of your lower lash line toward your outer eyebrow edge. Whether you’re pulling your line straight or tilting up, how swung the “wing” is at the end. If you’re having trouble getting an exact line with a brush, use an eyeliner pen to draw, that’s a lot easier. When everything is finished “painted”, you simply draw the lines with the brush and the gel eyeliner.

2. Now, from the top of the painted line, draw a second direction outside third of your upper eyelash wreath. Between the two strokes then a small area remains free, which is filled later.

3. In the third step you paint a slightly thicker eyeliner line from the inner corner of your eye along your upper eyelash line to your wing. If that helps, you can draw small dots on the upper lash line and then connect them together. You see this step in the picture once with your eyes closed and once with your eyes open.

4. Now you paint the area between the two outer lines until the area is completely filled with black. If there are any small irregularities, you can now mend them with a thin brush.

5. Et viola! The eyeliner is finished. In addition, I have slightly emphasized the lower eyelash line with a black kohl. I love this dramatic yet simple look, who else?