Skin Care

Get a grip on impure skin with dry or greasy skin type

Do not let bad skin ruin your day! Even this skin condition you get with the appropriate care under control. What does it look like? It all depends on why it breaks out. That’s why you now learn that bad skin is not necessarily too greasy and how you can optimally adjust your skincare to that skin condition.




In case of bad skin aggressive cleaning is not the solution

It’s a new day, it’s all about a lot, but you’re well prepared for that. Only one thing not: pimples. But that they always turn up when you need them least of all … If you suffer from bad skin, nothing feels right. Just trying to get rid of pimples sometimes worsens everything.


The problem: We associate oily skin with pimples and instinctively we want to degrease them. In contrast, the skin resists with even more fat. In addition, even dry skin can suddenly bloom. This is then thrown out of the way by aggressive degreasing. Rabiate Cleansing does not accomplish either one skin type or the other. Nevertheless, both require different measures. First, it is therefore necessary to find out in which category your skin falls.


In bad skin pimples occur in large numbers. Often, this happens without notice. As soon as the first pimples heal, new and sometimes sprout for weeks. They range from dark blackheads over red elevations to purulent pimples. Nevertheless, it may be that your skin is rather dry. How do you like that?


Skin type Dry or greasy? A self check

If you have blemished and dry skin, one or more of the following signs sounds familiar:


You have more pimples or impurities, but around it more fine pores.

Your face tenses or itches.

You see in places fine dryness lines.

You have rough spots.

Here you recognize yourself? Read on dry and impure skin!


On greasy and blemished skin, on the other hand, you have one or more of these symptoms:


Your skin shines.

The pores are large and clearly visible.

It form inflammatory foci with yellowish crust.

Your skin is often pale or pale.

That sounds like your skin? It continues with oily and impure skin.


Dry and impure skin

Why does dry skin get dirty? Your skin has a natural protective layer that prevents bacteria and moisture. It consists of the outer skin cells and the sebum or sebum that holds them together like mortar. But this skin barrier can become holey. For example, if your skin is producing too little sebum for some reason. Or by cleaning agents that wash out this ‘mortar’. Through a holey protective barrier now moisture escapes faster. There are feelings of tension, irritation and visible traces.


And the impurities? When the shield weakens, your skin is vulnerable from two directions, inside and out. From there, bacteria and dust now have easy play. You can pass the barrier and nestle underneath. As they feed on sebum, they help the skin barrier to regenerate. Your skin becomes even more vulnerable and impurities multiply.


How to properly care for dry and blemished skin

With dry skin, impurities are therefore primarily closely related to a lack of fat. Here is degreasing cleaning taboo. In the second place, however, it usually also lacks moisture, as it escapes too quickly through the perforated skin barrier. Give your skin a jump start to repair its protective layer. And free them of extra dirt, but very gently. This is how your care routine looks:


Dry and impure skin – your care routine in the morning

CLEANING: Wash face and neck with lukewarm water only.

CARE: Your skin is pleased with the nourishing facial oil, which provides it with lipids and antioxidants for regeneration and cell damage. Combine it with the moisturizing facial serum to help your skin control your moisture balance.

Even if it’s hard: Avoid peeling and foaming wash gel, because the dry out strong.


Dry and impure skin – your care routine in the evening

CLEANING: Were you out and about without make-up? Then wash your face only with lukewarm water.

Make-up remover gently and thoroughly with the make-up remover thanks to natural oils with low levels of comedogenicity. It is best to use the makeover oil with the Oil Cleansing Method to cleanse your skin very deeply.

CARE: Overnight, your skin regenerates by itself. Therefore, do without a heavy night cream. Better to wear our non-greasy and moisturizing facial serum.

Dry skin and blemished skin – special care

Once a week you can treat your impure skin with a soft clay mask. Use white (kaolin) or pink clay, because it is particularly gentle. Alumina is a minerals supplier for your skin. It refines the complexion and leaves you looking fresh. Avoid eyes and mouth and rinse with plenty of lukewarm water before the mask has dried completely. You get pure clay in the pharmacy.