Skin Care

Eye Cream: How much care does the eye area really need?

Why is good eye care useful?

Dark circles, dark shadows, dryness lines – the skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive. It is thinner and often drier than other lots. This makes them less resistant and makes wrinkles develop faster. In addition, this lot is not supported so well by connective tissue. So it lacks the padding from below.


Also, the vessels are very tender in here. If they do not get enough oxygen from the blood, they can also narrow down. This provides dark or bluish eye shadow.


Swollen eyes have a similar reason. In too narrow vessels, lymphatic fluid accumulates while you sleep. This is especially noticeable after a restless – or short – night.


☝️Let’s hold on: The eye area is particularly delicate and therefore reacts faster to less sleep, environmental influences and an imbalance.


What must eye care do?

Eye cream with hyaluron and glycerin makes sense. These substances provide the skin with plenty of moisture and that is exactly what it needs. Nourishing oils such as shea butter, almond oil or argan oil help to retain moisture and strengthen the skin barrier. Even more resistant is the skin’s own protection by vitamin E and other antioxidants. They improve cell protection and prevent premature aging of the skin.


Since the eye is a sensitive organ, the care should by no means be irritating. Alcohol is just as taboo for this delicate game as it is for substances that are foreign to the skin, such as mineral oils or silicones that can be absorbed into the eye and into the body.

Eye cream for wrinkles, do I need something like that?

The product range especially for the eyes is huge. There are creams, serums, ampoules, masks, roll-ons for young skin, for mature skin and and and. You could fill a whole mirror cabinet with eye care alone. Does that have to be? No.


With a good facial care you can save extra eye products.


We have seen what care the eye area needs. And that does not differ fundamentally from the rest of the face. In addition, skincare must be type-fair. And your skin type does not stop at the eye area. Dry skin tends to dryness here even more. Sensitive skin may react even more sensitively here. Therefore, the eye care should also match your skin type and possibly skin condition.


Soothing, moisturizing and 100% natural – the FIVE Shea Cream, the FIVE Facial Serum and the FIVE Facial Oils are ideal for the care of the delicate eye area.


Without alcohol

Without silicones and mineral oils

100% vegan

Eye wrinkles can be reversed by care products just as little as other wrinkles. A good moisturizer, however, counteracts dryness wrinkles. And above all, good care prevents premature aging of the skin. Antioxidants and a sun protection factor minimize light-induced skin aging -apropos: Sunglasses with a high filter category provide extra protection to sensitive skin just around the eyes. Nutrient-rich vegetable oils help the

skin regenerate effectively and remain elastic. And with my top 10 tips, you keep your eyes beautiful naturally …


Help with dark circles and Co. – the top 10

  1. Sleeping Beauty sleep

Who has so much time …? It does not have to be 100 years, of course, but allow yourself enough sleep regularly. And ensure a steady sleep rhythm.


  1. Gentle massage

A gentle massage supports the drainage of stagnant lymph fluid under the eye. With the little or ring finger (they do not have that much power) you can knock on the inside out.


  1. cooling

Cold helps to reduce dark circles. Just put a teaspoon in the freezer for a few minutes and then attach to the closed eyelids. The shape fits perfectly! If you have the problem more often, do not forget to put a spoon <in stock> in the fridge (in this case, not in the freezer compartment).


  1. Drink a lot

Beauty inside: Adults should drink at least 1.5 liters per day, recommends the Foundation Health Promotion Switzerland.


  1. A good day care …

… moisturizes (glycerin, hyaluron), strengthens the skin barrier (lipids) and provides nutrients (especially important: vitamins E and C). The whole course without irritating alcohols and mineral oils.


  1. Run away from dark circles

Or cycle or swim. Sport is not only a good figure, but – who would have thought – even beautiful eyes. It stimulates the blood circulation and you are supplied up to the smallest vessel with plenty of oxygen. So you send eye shadow and Co. on the mat.


  1. Healthy diet

Beautiful skin needs minerals, vitamins and protein for new skin cells. Especially iron-containing foods are effective against dark circles. Sugar beet syrup, for example, is an old home remedy for this blemish.


  1. Retouche

Concealer hides dark eyelashes. But as soon as wrinkles are added, he has his pitfalls: he deposits himself in it. Better put on a light, fresh makeup and cleverly set highlights. A bright glow on cheekbones, under the eyebrows and in the corner of the eye makes you radiate.


  1. Light tan

If your skin is very pale, dark circles will make you look sickly quickly. A touch of tan gives you more freshness. In the summer it comes all by itself (even with sunscreen, because it is mandatory!). In winter Selbstbräuner conjures the same effect in a very gentle way.


  1. Temperance

This applies to alcohol, tobacco and salt. These substances worsen the blood circulation and get the first to feel the fine vessels, for example, around the eyes.


And now: twist your head with your most glamorous eye-lift!


PS: If you are looking for a really intensive moisturizer, just try our FIVE moisturizing serum.