Does No Poo lead to hair loss?

Hello dear princesses!


Today, I would like to address a trend many ghosts are in: the no-poo trend.

No Poo refers to the English term “no shampoo” and refers to the belief that hair does not require cleansing with synthetic hair care products.


However, one by one:


How exactly does No Poo go?

In the No Poo method, shampoo is replaced by natural remedies such as lava soil, rye flour or soda. The hair is either washed with such a substance or sometimes only with clear water. Conditioner along with its many synthetic ingredients (including silicones) is logically also taboo. Instead, the hair is rinsed with apple cider vinegar, for example. Hair treatments are carried out with natural oils such as coconut oil.


Another important part of No Poo is the brushing of the hair. Surely you know the proverb of your grandmother: 100 strokes a day are good for the hair. No Poo followers are convinced that intensive and extensive brushing will spread the sebum produced by the scalp so evenly on the hair and nourish it.

Incidentally, that’s the stuff that makes our approach greasy after a while. However, in order to reverse this in a positive effect, brushes with natural bristles (for example boar bristles) are preferably recommended.



The procedure of washing your hair with water is also known as “Sebum Only”.

What’s good about No Poo?

Synthetic surfactants, which are the washing-active substances in traditional shampoos, irritate our scalp, causing it to lose its balance. As a result, we wash our hair more and more often. However, we are driving the vicious circle that our hair greases faster and faster, only on progress.


The scalp can do very well not to come in contact with these aggressive chemicals. Here lava soil and rye flour are certainly gentler. Caution is advised, however, with soda: If you use it too often as a shampoo, it can cause the scalp and hair are severely dried out.


In addition, especially the laundry with rye flour is cheaper than most conventional shampoos. In addition, harmful synthetic substances from shampoos do not reach the groundwater via the drain. In conventional shampoos are also usually some harmful ingredients included, for example, are suspected of being hormonally altering. These can penetrate the scalp in our body and attach themselves there. Who practices No Poo escapes this undesirable side effect.



Hair loss because of No Poo? This can happen depending on how the skin on the shampoo withdrawal reacts.

Why can No Poo still go wrong with some women?

First of all, it can be difficult to switch to No Poo overnight, especially if you have been using silicone shampoos for a relatively long time. Natural fabrics often do not stand up to the many superimposed layers of silicone, and the hair feels weighted and fats quickly. The scalp also can not regulate itself well under the silicone layer and thus finds it difficult to achieve the desired balance. Most No Poo dropouts do so in the first few weeks as they do not know how to manage their fast-replenishing scalp.


In some women, the greasing of the scalp settles down eventually and the method suggests. But some others can still follow the principles of No Poo: they do not see positive results. This is due to the following fact:


Some people are prone to irritated scalp and the formation of greasy dandruff. This is also called seborrheic dermatitis. To prevent the symptoms from getting worse here, it is necessary to use a shampoo that contains an antifungal substance. If you do not do this, it can lead to hair loss. This is not a temporary phenomenon, but the hair is irretrievable. Why it is like that? Due to the lack of use of the antifungal substance, a massively itchy, armor-like layer forms on the scalp.


Which alternatives does myRapunzel offer?

We find this approach quite interesting. Of course, we can fully understand that many of synthetic hair care products have their noses full. Finally, they over-bred the hair, are sometimes full of harmful ingredients and also burden the environment.


We are in a similar situation and our disappointment with traditional products is one of the reasons why myRapunzel was founded. All princesses, who do not want to do without the feeling of freshly washed hair as we do, will therefore be able to look after their hair in a natural, environmentally friendly way. That’s why we’re working hard on our own shampoo, which will be out soon. Another good feature of shampoo is that it not only cleanses the hair but can also take care of it. Our shampoo gently cleanses the hair with mild surfactants and cares for it during the hair wash. We want to offer you as a honest company a product that you can use without hesitation.


So it is our opinion to use only a minimum of high quality hair care products. Here we recommend natural products.