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7 care tips for relaxed skin on summer vacation

What makes a dream trip for you, finds your skin quite exhausting. Sunbathing, bathing and hairing keep them out of balance. Here she needs special care. With these 7 tips, the skin recovers on vacation. And you always look great.



7 tips for beach beauties

Summer – that means finally sun again! The onion-look you now free yourself layer by layer. What’s left? Spaghetti straps and legroom. And just as airy stuff comes in the holiday baggage. So that you look fantastic in it, here are a few tips for beautifully groomed skin.

  1. Gentle tan

A touch of color is just part of it. But tan with care! In contrast to summer tan, UV damage is permanently preserved. Therefore, always wear enough sunscreen and expose your skin as little as possible intense radiation.

If you’re more like a shadow plant than I am, just grab self-tanners. It even exists as natural cosmetics, for example from Lavera. This is always gentler than UV radiation. Plotted before the holiday you arrive with a light tan. Pay close attention to the best before date! From the tanning agent dihydroxyacetone (DHA) formaldehyde can split off if it is stored too long or warm. Find out more about tanning under How much sun tolerates my skin? – 7 sun protection tips.

  1. Nice sporty

For summer, summer offers endless possibilities. And: sports are great. You think of the bikini figure first? An exhausting workout also works wonders for the skin. It boosts the blood circulation and conjures a fresh complexion. As you work out, your circulatory system is pumping oxygen. So he carries an extra charge

nutrients into your skin. The fact that it removes toxins and impurities better, makes your pores even purer and finer. Regular sport also promotes skin regeneration – a perseverance bonus, as it were.


☝️ Extra tip: Jump into the nearest lake after your workout. Nobody there? Then treat yourself to a lukewarm shower. So the sweat is just passé and you avoid annoying pimples.

  1. Cream and Makeup – less is more

What does your daily make-up look like in the summer? Fresh, of course, almost as unvarnished? How good that it comes almost by itself. Sun-kissed complexion dispels the paleness. The heat effortlessly conjures rosy cheeks. And proper care will provide pure skin with no signs of dryness. Powerful makeup, however, threatens to run in the heat and acts quickly maskenhaft. The result is clogged pores and new irritations.


Let your skin breathe instead. Due to the higher humidity, it needs less care products in the summer. Try lightening your face in the morning and avoiding make-up. This gives the skin more time to regenerate, and you can enjoy it.

  1. Clean mildly

Sun, water, wind, parties – what you find restful is anything but a holiday for your skin. Therefore prefer to avoid aggressive washing gels. The dry in addition, and bring the pH out of balance. An oil-based makeup remover thoroughly cleanses your pores of dirt and even protects against moisture loss. Applied in the evening, natural oils look nourishing overnight. In addition to nourishing almond, jojoba and apricot kernel oil, the FIVE make-up remover also contains a portion of vitamin E.


  1. Be a lukewarm showerer

When it’s really hot, I long for a refreshing shower around the clock. Also salt water and chlorine smell disturb on the skin. At once a day showers it remains rare. The protective shield of the skin, however, confuses it. Hot water and soap scum rinse the acid-lipid coat again and again. Therefore shower rather lukewarm and use shower gel only there, where necessary. Arms and legs hardly sweat and already have plenty of UV radiation and moisture loss anyway. But you should wash off with sunscreen at least once a day with soap.

  1. With a peeling for a silky-smooth feeling

Razors, wax and Co. have high season in summer. Unfortunately, ingrown hairs are an unfortunate side effect. With regular scrubs, you will tackle these evildoers. If that also contains rich oils, it smoothes rough skin at the same time. In no time, the legs are again stroke delicate. Try our FIVE Body Scrub with coconut oil and shea butter!

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7.Care mask from the fridge

With so much sunshine and hot nights your skin is looking forward to an extra pack of freshness. This gives her a good, old home remedy: the quark mask. The milk product consists of about 80 percent water and padded with dryness lines immediately. The lactic acid stabilizes the pH and gently dissolves calluses for a pure complexion. As Quark also has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect, it even provides first aid for sunburn. By the way, you reinforce this effect by stirring in a teaspoon of honey.


Always use the cottage cheese fresh from the fridge – the cooling effect is part of the treatment. Put it finger-thick on face, neck and décolleté. Let it work for at least 10 minutes until it starts to dry. Remove with lukewarm water.

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These 7 care tips make the holiday so relaxing for your skin. And without unnecessarily complaining about your luggage. Incidentally, the article “Holiday beautiful with little luggage” reveals how you can travel particularly easily: Multi-use cosmetic products. Find out with which FIVE product you can leave up to 7 other cosmetics at home.