Skin Care

30, 20 or just 5, how many ingredients does cosmetics need today?

Have you ever tried to decipher the 20 to 30 ingredients of your moisturizer? Traditional care products are unfortunately completely confusing. Our tip: rather go for a cream with little additives. Why you not only get transparency, but also do your skin a favor, you will find out here.



Why does cosmetics have so many ingredients today?

For our grandmothers the daily care routine looked quite different: minimalist skincare could be said. They used very simple home remedies such as sugar scrubs, honey or milking grease and could count on one hand, which brought their skin into contact. If she reacted sensitively, it was easy to find out why and just omitted something by means of an exclusion method.


Why have the lists of ingredients been getting longer and longer since then? Quite simple: Because we want to see results in the first application! Because the long-term effect, we can not judge anyway. So a grooming product has to smell good, move in with turbo speed, conjure up an awesome glow on your cheeks, come out of the tube both on your ski holiday and in midsummer with the same consistency and last until the next decade.


Convenience is not only the focus of food, but also does not stop at care products. After all, we’ve gotten used to the fact that skin care has to feel good in the first place.


But does she work too?


To meet the requirements described above, it takes a pile of additives in the products. Unfortunately, most of them have no benefit for your skin.


Adding value to the convenience rather than the convenience approach significantly reduces the amount of ingredients – and thus the potential for irritation.


This insight inspired me to found the minimalistic natural cosmetics brand FIVE. Our vegan skin care consists of a maximum of five ingredients per product. five ingredients: absolutely manageable and everything that is needed. Because if you manage to omit certain substances, the use of dubious fillers or additives is unnecessary.


But we also want skin care to be transparent. You should know and understand what you apply daily to your skin. Five things are easy to remember, as the famous study “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two” states. Psychologist George Miller found out that our short-term memory can only store 7 +/- 2 things at a time. That’s why the 5 is the magic number for us.



Why minimalist beauty products?

Even with a very simple care routine, cleansing lotion, day cream and foundation are used in the morning alone. With 20 to 30 ingredients per product, that alone is a lot of substances your skin needs to process. With the trend multi-layering, which is sloshed over from Korea and Japan, it is loose 100 and more!



Today, more and more women complain about sensitive skin. In addition, there is a widespread phenomenon called stewardess or mannequin disease. Perioral dermatitis is a non-dangerous, but unsightly skin disease characterized by spots, dandruff and pustules. Both phenomena are affecting caring women, because over-care disturbs the natural barrier function and makes the skin lazy.


What causes the reduction of the ingredients?

Our premise is better skin balance with fewer ingredients. The condition of sensitive skin does not necessarily improve with highly complex formulations, but can additionally irritate it. At some point she reacts to anything irritated, sometimes even to clear water. Anyone who consistently demands less from his skin does not interfere so much with the skin’s own processes and helps her to regenerate.